Most of us love to listen to stories. How about dancing them?

Ceremonial Story Dancing is the concept I developed to embody our personal and cultural stories through the medium of movement.

Stories and archetypes are incredible resources to help making sense of the world, dealing with painful experiences, finding out what really matters, and negotiating (unforeseen) circumstances. They can help us making a different choice, teach about hopes and fears, faith, courage, failure, betrayal, challenge, the soul, choice, time, friendship, victory, magic, abundance, perseverance, innocence, life and death. 

Ceremonial Story Dancing helps us to connect to symbols and archetypes in an embodied way, and provides a space to reflect on your own life. Who have been your allies and adversaries, what are you scars, your victories, what keeps you from fulfilling your dream or mission, what disconnects you from your creativity, from your original nature, which parts of self have you lost along the way?

These archetypal experiences, or ‘great images’ as Martha Graham called them, grow with and through each and every one of us, and we grow with and through them. Wherever I taught this, people have been surprised by the transformational power of this work.

Eventually Clover Trail will include a cycle of thirteen stories, some of which I already taught, others that will be new. In these uncertain times with changing Corona measures, I decided to put this work temporarily on hold, as I think it is important to do this in a live community setting. I’m thinking of revisiting my Dancing through the Tarot next year – to dance with the archetypes of the Major Arcana – and also to offer The Unbroken Body to work with a particular health condition, and The Spirit Child, to help integrate the experience of Early Pregnancy Loss as soon as is realistically possible.

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