Deepen your connection to the Teachings of the Wild, and the Rhythms of the Seasons…

All my work is inspired by a deep love for and strong connection with the natural world. I think it is a great treasure to be able to deeply listen to the wind, the whispers of trees or a little mountain stream, to surrender our weight to the earth underneath us, and feel the pulse of the life force encouraging us to grow.

I am so excited to shortly announce mini-workshops and a series of ongoing masterclasses around my book on nature-based spirituality that will be published in February 2022. This looks at existential questions in contemporary contexts, the role of a danced spirituality, a return to our body as first place of experience, with movement as our primary way of knowing. It also explores the effects of moving in different landscapes, and explores an animist way of looking at nature, in which everything is imbued with a spark of essence, or spirit.

This work is both inspired by being a long-term student of Jonathan Horwitz, from the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies, as well as my professional qualification in Movement Medicine, which is a contemporary, danced, form of shamanism.

As a movement practice, Qi Gong is in many ways a form of nature spirituality itself. Inspired by natural images such as trees, water, ocean, mountains and animals as well as by the continuous cycles of breathing in and breathing out, it draws on the healing power of the natural world.

Before the lock down situation, I offered immersive workshops by the sea, waterfalls, ancestral burial mounds, celebrating the seasons with ceremonies inspired by the celtic wheel of the year, and enlivening our connection to the four elements. I also taught a basic Shamanic Gateway workshop in various contexts, and worked with many individuals to learn the skills to journey to the spirits to ask for help with any issue or question imaginable.

More resources and links will follow soon, but here is my latest publication: Calibrating the Body: Embodied Research Strategies for Attuning to Subtle Information, which just appeared in an amazing book Subtle Agroecologies: Farming With the Hidden Half of Nature, edited by Julia Wright, and published by CRC Press – Taylor & Francis. I am delighted that the WHOLE book is open access, which means you can read all its chapters anytime online for free through this link.