Transform the story of your health condition and harvest its wisdom gifts

Are you experiencing issues relating to your health and wellbeing? Whether you face injury, loss of organs or limbs, autoimmune disease, chronic pain or any other challenge to your sense of wholeness; whether you have experienced this from birth, early childhood or much later in life; whether it is temporary or permanent – you have a story to explore, and possibly to transform. 

This workshop offers a creative and empowering way to connect to your unique journey and how you are able to function in the world. It honours the road you have traveled to find out about your condition. Personal reflection, archetypal stories, movement, and being witnessed will help you remember that you are so much more than your illness or disability. You are brave. Indeed, you are magnificent. 

Exploring the landscape of your health condition is a powerful way to review your experience. When did you know something was wrong? Did you seek and receive help? Was there a diagnosis? How did you feel when you heard this? Could you share it with people close to you? How did this impact your social or professional life? What were the challenges? Did you find unexpected allies? What changes did you have to make? How are you coping now?

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Living with health challenges is more common than you think. You are not alone. Health and healing requires regular and active attention, and is part of the social fabric of life. In an empowering community of peers, who may or may not have the same conditions as you but will face similar challenges, you will:

  • Map and honour your individual journey
  • Express & release any emotions that you experience(d) along the way
  • Learn to articulate and communicate what you need to look after yourself as best as you can
  • Search for and harvest the wisdom gifts that this experience teaches you
  • Build a different relationship to your condition
  • Re-anoint your body as a sacred place

This workshop reframes health and healing as an ongoing process of integration and balance. This includes  physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing. Meaningful symbols and stories are essential to support us and encourage empowerment within our everyday.

It is important to distinguish between healing and curing. Curing focuses on lifting the symptoms and erasing the disease as if it never existed. As we know, this is not always possible. Healing, on the other hand, encompasses a more holistic focus on integration of a specific condition on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. 

What to expect?

  • There will be a maximum of 20 people on each workshop. Currently workshops take place online, so you can join from the comfort of your own home. You need a good internet connection to use ZOOM on your device.
  • The sessions consist of different practices such as journaling, guided movement, pair work, and group circles. There will be solo and interactive tasks. You are free to choose to participate in each exercise. 
  • You need no prior experience with any of the practices. Everything will be explained as we go along. Your own unique experience is central and you don’t have to believe in anything to participate. 

Next Dates & Times: TBC

  • The workshop either consists of six 2-hour sessions or runs in a weekend format, whatever is possible due to (ongoing) corona restrictions.
  • It is essential that you commit to the whole weekend or to all six sessions.


  • €175
  • €150 early bird discount if you book and pay in full before 19 January
  • €125 each if you book together with someone else
  • Payment in instalments possible
  • Concession place available in exchange for practical support

Is this the right workshop for me at this time? 

Please feel carefully into your situation. This is deeply intimate and personal work. Although we are diving into our own individual illness trajectory, and what that means to us, this is not therapy. In order to ensure a safe experience for you and other participants, please be in touch if:

  • you just received a diagnosis and you are in the middle of getting your bearings and finding out how to live with this
  • you experience mental illness
  • you have any concerns about the amount of support you can access in your personal network
  • there are any other impediments to joining. Internet is essential at this time, most other things we can work around.

Together we can assess whether this is the right timing for you to participate in this workshop. Please note that this workshop does not promise physical healing or curing of your condition.

What to do next?

Please send an email to to register your interest. You will then receive further information and payment details. Your place is secured once your payment is received.