Even though Clover Trail is new, Eline facilitated individual clients and groups since 2009, in the UK, Netherlands, France, and Portugal. Scroll down to read what people say about working with Eline in various contexts: dance, health, shamanic or academic encounters. You’ll also find some words from her teachers as well!

Dance participants say…

Thank you so much for such a precious weekend. It was an initiation for me. I am quite blown away by the powerful effect this work has had on me. I am so full of curiosity now and I have returned to my work with a renewed sense of myself and what matters to me(Nicola, Sealskin Soulskin participant)

Dancing with Eline, I felt a whole new world open, a place where I hadn’t been before. (Habib, dance colleague)

It has been a real, deep and significant transformation! (Melanie, Sealskin Soulskin participant)

The weekend was wonderful and revealing and is still resonating for me. It was a haven of support and a feeling of agency has resurfaced!!! (Anon, Yin Yang Yung participant)

Health workshop participants say…

I have relatives in Australia. I’ve experienced PTSD, and for a long time I thought ‘I’m never going there again’. Now I’m thinking, maybe I can go again. (Joy)

This is so different from doing exercise. This is about self-expression. About lifting up. I’ve felt more myself than I have for a long time. (Bernie)

Thank you for giving me so much energy that I can walk home. (Colin)

Working with Eline is like “coming back to life”, finding myself, being empowered. I realised I can still break barriers as older person without fear, without shame, and be full of confidence and believing that I can still be myself. (Pru)

Shamanic clients and workshop participants say…

Thank you Eline for connecting us with the spirit world in such a beautiful safe way. (Sonia M, shamanic gateway workshop)

It felt like home. I felt very safe, warm and comfortable. Eline gave me the feeling I could say anything. I found it very special and familiar. (Valerie, 1:1 coaching trajectory)

I am very grateful to you for meeting us in the South of France. Your kindness, your wisdom and graceful strength will continue to guide me. I have learned so much from you. This experience really opened my mind. The road ahead is no longer in total darkness. I walk in the candle-light following Ariane’s thread. (Sophie, shamanic gateway workshop and 1:1 healing session)

Academic colleagues say…

Eline is a highly skilled and very sensitive researcher and facilitator. In her workshops, she holds a gentle and powerful space that invites and allows for very deep transformational work. I felt incredibly safe in her wise and capable hands and heart, and experienced a conscious soul retrieval process that I had not expected to go through! I HIGHLY recommend anyone interested to take the plunge and work with her, be it as a workshop participant, client or colleague of Clover Trail. (Dr. Saskia von Diest, Postdoc researcher in intuitive farming)

Dr Kieft is both an excellent interdisciplinary researcher, and an exceptionally gifted teacher able to deeply inspire those who are fortunate enough to learn from her. Her sessions to our undergraduate Anthropology students at UCL on examining the role of the body and its experiences as a tool for research have consistently been delivered to a very high standard, creating a challenging but safe environment for students to explore ‘knowing’ through dance. I’ve not met another academic who has developed such theoretically sophisticated experiential approaches to exploring her subject. Students consistently give excellent feedback on her teaching. Dr Kieft is a charming, proactive, energetic and caring teacher and person who contributes enormously to what ever group she is part of. I most strongly recommend her to you. (Dr. Jerome Lewis, UCL, reader in social anthropology)

Eline Kieft is a colleague and friend. I have seen Eline connect easily with people and invent innovative projects that celebrate the experience of participants. She also works hard to realise dreams and ensure the practical steps are in motion to make new ideas into a reality. Eline brings a sense of abundance and joy to her work and life. Creativity is at the heart of Eline’s daily life, while her researchful nature also means she is rigorous in her reflection on and understanding of the practices she works with. I am sure this exciting venture of the Clover Trail will inspire, nurture and grow each person’s individual journey as they take part in the process. (Dr. Emma Meehan, Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University)

Eline is dedicated to developing forms of embodied enquiry in the context of academic research. Her work at the Centre for Dance Research stands out for its contribution to ethnographic methodology, particularly through the development of the Somatic Toolkit (http://somaticstoolkit.coventry.ac.uk/) for which she was Principle Investigator. Such projects raise awareness of fundamental assumptions and expand critical sensibilities, deepening the understanding and potential impact of embodied forms of knowledge. (Professor Scott Delahunta, Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University)

Teachers say…

Eline Kieft is a joyful, deep person of great compassion and integrity. She has many skills and graceful teaching is one of them. Highly recommended! Enjoy! (Jonathan Horwitz, Shamanic Teacher)

Eline is one of those rare individuals who has done the work in both an academic and spiritual capacity. She has trained with me for over 100 hours in the field of lucid dreaming and for all the time I have known her she has presented herself with integrity and authenticity. (Charlie Morley, Lucid Dreaming Teacher)

Online impressions

Your work is sacred. (Daniel Epstein, Marketing Director & Creator of Portraits in Faith)

… a fabulous assortment of opportunities to engage with Self. (Suzanne Schevene, Awakening Essence)