Monthly Q & A with Eline 

If you have questions on your path of personal growth, or if you would like to get a flavour of my work before signing up to any of my courses, these monthly salons are a great and informal way to connect.

What sparks YOUR interest this month?

  • Bring any topic, question or interest around health, wellbeing, consciousness, spirituality, shamanism, soulful and empowered living and I’ll share any thoughts and practices that have helped me on my path
  • Open dialogue and conversation
  • Immerse yourself in open, respectful and judgement free community
  • Learn from and with each other
  • Explore the Sparks that enrich life, and nurture what is meaningful to you
  • Welcome to all, existing and new Clover Trail Companions!

Times and Dates: Wednesdays, 20-21h CET

  • 22 September
  • 20 October
  • 17 November
  • 22 December

The Salons will happen through ZOOM or Facebook Live, please send an email to receive your link:!

Free event, donations welcome (please follow this trail to the donation page!)

What others say:

“I was moved and enjoyed listening to you talk. You did a great job in creating a space for mutual presence. I was delighted to hear how you talked about my question, in particular the emphasis on “curiosity”. Your facilitation is heart lead and that’s a delicate vulnerable place to put yourself in. Thank you for your generosity.” ~ Matthew Trustman, Dramatherapist

“I attended the Spark Salon with a sharing about worry and sadness. By the time we said our goodbyes I was feeling much better. There is something about vulnerable sharing and feeling heard that it is so healing for the heart. I felt deeply heard and accompanied and that felt like a balm for my being. Thanks Eline for your listening and your words. Thanks to the rest of the attendees for their holding too” ~ Susana