How often do you make space for yourself?

Clover Trail’s 1:1 sessions offer a place where you can recharge, re-align with what is meaningful to you, find new inspiration, integrate challenging experiences, and learn new techniques. They are uniquely tailored to your needs and your journey. As you could read on the Home Page, there are four different types of sessions: Trail Coaching, Healing Sessions, Shamanic Counselling and Embodied Research. You can read more about each of these in the Drop Down Menu.

Whatever type of 1:1 session you choose, it will support your personal growth and journey to empowerment. For me, personal growth includes physical, social, mental and spiritual aspects of ourselves, and also of different areas of life such as art, community and relationship. We grow towards more balance and integration throughout our lives, whether we are aware of it or not. Sometimes however, we can use some additional support. For example if we experience feelings of defeat, emptiness, fatigue, fear, isolation, low self esteem or loss of direction. At other times we might experience emotions, addictions or eating disorders that we don’t know how to deal with.

The starting point of every session is always the intuitive wisdom that you gathered throughout all your experiences. From that orientation, we will addresses 5 additional pillars:

  1. Strengthen that which is good
  2. Let go that which no longer serves
  3. Retrieve that which was good but has been lost
  4. Emphasise joy, simplicity and gratitude
  5. Translate insights into small, every day steps

I worked with individual clients from different countries and backgrounds since 2009. This includes a variety of academic staff, students, patients, health care professionals and people consciously attending to personal growth and spirituality. Please note however, that I am not a qualified therapist. Instead, I offer a space of undivided attention and encouragement for your process of being and becoming.

For all inquiries please email:

Feedback from previous clients:

Your kindness, your wisdom and graceful strength will continue to guide me. I have learned so much from you. This experience really opened my mind. The road ahead is no longer in total darkness. I walk in the candle-light following Ariane’s thread. (Sophie, shamanic gateway workshop and 1:1 healing session)

Thank you Eline for doing a shamanic journey so sensitively and intelligently with me. I felt well held and nurtured by you. You dealt with the question in a perceptive, intuitive and poignant fashion. It has been of great help to me and I look forward to another one. (Rebecca)

I have applied the instructions I got to my life and I have noticed the changes. I’m no longer afraid of being me. I’m grateful of having the pleasure for meeting Eline and I strongly recommend her to anyone in need of help. With her listening heart and with the help of her spirits I do believe she can bring help to any kind of issue. Thank You Eline. (Hannu, shamanic practitioner)