Red Shoes

Coming soon as Online Course

…Once upon a time an orphaned girl was taken in by an old lady in a gilded carriage. She was no longer allowed to wear her dear but rough handmade red shoes. While adjusting to this new life, her soul began to crave for the vitality, life force and creativity represented by her handmade shoes. She started looking for substitutes and finally ended up with a pair of cursed shoes that controlled her feet so that she was to dance for ever and ever and ever. Desperate to stop dancing, she asked the executioner to chop off her feet…

 In modern day life we can recognise similar traps and pitfalls in relationships, work and other ventures. Using the different elements in the story as identified by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, we see if we can recognise the different aspects of the story in our own lives, which will be different for each of us. 

This includes looking at what it means when our life has been devalued, what happens when we burn our treasure and injure our basic instinct, how we sometimes get split in two when we are still trying to meet those parts that went underground, how we face the opposing force of the collective, normalise the abnormal, and when this all becomes too much, too far away from a soulful existence, how we dance out of control, in different obsessions and addictions.

However… we can return to a life that we make for ourselves, that we craft by hand, and we can heal our injured instincts. We can find our own individual, unique way, with and supported by others, and regain or strengthen our connection to our own original self, soul and creativity. 

This course helps to learn to recognise and avoid the traps, and to see the right turns by knowing the wrong ones. We do this by a combination of reflecting, drawing, speaking and moving, solo and in small groups. We dance through each stage and release those parts that we are ready to let go, and invite back those parts that went missing.

When Covid-restrictions are lifted wit will also be offered in a weekend format. Future dates to be confirmed.