Qi Gong Classes

A moving meditation for activation, strength, balance, relaxation, more energy, better joint mobility, and less anxiety!

This summer I had my first Qi Gong experience ever, with Steve Washington in his online programme 5-days-to-power. I can’t believe I didn’t discover this practice sooner, as it brings so many things together that I love such as movement, health and wellbeing, meditation, nature, imagination, and spirituality.

In the challenging Covid-lock down period this year, Qi Gong ensured I kept moving, connecting with nature through the imagination, letting go of anxiety, staying rooted and grounded, and adding a much needed dose of playfulness to the everyday.

I got so enthusiastic about it that I am currently in training with Lee Holden to become a certified Qi Gong instructor. As part of this training I’m offering free online classes via ZOOM. Currently I’m teaching in Dutch, every Tuesday at 10.30am CET. Please write to eline@clover-trail.com to receive ZOOM invitations for this class, or to register interest for a class taught in English or in French, which can easily be arranged.

Please click on the links for information in Dutch, English and French including ‘what is Qi Gong’ and ‘what do you need’ if you like to participate in these sessions. I look forward to hearing from you!

Tend to your Qi like you would tend a beautiful stream… keep it flowing and alive!