A moving meditation for activation, strength, balance, relaxation, more energy, better joint mobility, and less anxiety!

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Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese movement practice that supports health and wellbeing. Through a combination of breathing, activation techniques, stretching and flowing exercises, we can give our body a well balanced workout for body, heart and mind.

Brief explanation What is Qi Gong (scroll down for a longer one!)

In challenging Corona times, Qi Gong ensures I keep moving, letting go of anxiety, staying rooted and grounded, connecting with nature through the imagination, and adding a much needed dose of playfulness to the everyday. It also does wonders for my chronic back pain. I am currently awaiting my teacher certificate from Lee Holden‘s online training.

I offer two ongoing online drop in classes via ZOOM, one in English and one in Dutch. Everyone is welcome, no prior experience needed. Lessons will be available via Vimeo afterwards, so you can view or repeat the lessons in your own time as often as you like.

  • Nederlandse Les: Dinsdagen 10-11 CET
  • English Class: Thursdays 18-19 CET

Your first class is free! Afterwards, they cost 8, 10, 12 € per class according to what you can afford for your health right now. You can pay for one or more lessons at a time.

Here is a 5 minute taster to warm up your spine:

These links provide info sheets in Dutch and English, including more background on Qi Gong and what you need for the sessions and how to look after your body while participating.

Please write to eline@clover-trail.com to receive ZOOM invitations and payment instructions. I look forward to hearing from you.

Keep your Qi flowing and vibrant like a beautiful mountain stream!

Read here what participants say!

Slightly longer introduction to what you can expect from the classes