I strongly believe in collaboration, not competition… Here you find Trails to other Inspiring Websites, organised per topic of interest. Happy to add your website if you like (letting me know via Facebook is the easiest until I get mailing list up and running @CloverTrailToThriveInLife)

Dance and Movement

School of Movement Medicine

Movement Medicine Association (listing all teachers and apprentice teachers worldwide)

Middle Earth Medicine (Caroline Carey and Ben Cole)

Somatics Toolkit (free resources for research and physical, emotional and mental wellbeing)

Red Earth Dance Sanctuary (Grandmother Oya and Michael, Andalusia)

Move into Life (Sandra Reeve)

Walk of Life (Helen Poynor)

Just Dance with Life (Cyrill Chantereau, also a strong shamanic and ceremonial facilitator)


Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies (Jonathan Horwitz, Annette Høst, Zara Waldebäck)

Northern Drum (Chris Luttichau)

Seventh Wave Music (Carolyn Hillyer and Nigel Shaw)

The Four Winds (Alberto Villoldo)

Sacred Trust (Simon Buxton)

Creative Writing, Stories and Archetypal work

Sharon Blackie (Writer, Psychologist, Mythologist)

Clarissa Pinkola Estés (Storyteller, Psychoanalyst, Curandera)

The Moon Lab for creative ways to harness your potential (Leah Larwood, also lucid dreaming techniques)

Lucid Dreaming

Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep (Charlie Morley)

Mindful Living (Katrina Martin)

Dream Decoding Drawing (Florian Divi)

Lucid Dreaming (Rosanne Jacks)

Creative Artists

Shaman Drums and other medicine objects (Nicci)

Paintings and Sacred objects (Dorry Joy)

Nature & Community

Flourishing Diversity (A blossoming ecosystem of people, communities, organisations and ideas)

Earth Women (Manon Tromp, journeys and techniques to connect deeply to the Earth)

Earth Fire Institute (Seeing Wildlife and Nature with New Eyes)

The Pachamama Alliance (Protecting the source, inspiring the future)

Survival International (For tribes, for nature, for all humanity)

Other ways of Learning

Body Mind Soul (coming soon!)

Experiential Learning (training materials for people development)

Udemy (learn anything in your own schedule)

Holistic Health

Food, Health & Sustainability (Wayne Schroeder)

Spiritual Counseling for Change and Transformation (Donca Vianu)

Europe Ayurveda Centrum (Cornelis Peters, consultations in English possible)

Counseling and Hypnotherapy (Monica Varo)