Clover Trail:

  1. welcomes everyone regardless of faith, life philosophy, gender, sexual orientation or age
  2. addresses body, heart, mind, spirit and soul
  3. acknowledges and honours your soul, personal wisdom and inner compass
  4. is a safe and encouraging place where we can explore what it means to be alive
  5. combines inspiring and creative practices from many different traditions
  6. explores other ways of learning and knowing
  7. emphasises multi-levelled literacy 
  8. reinstates direct connection to intangible dimensions of reality
  9. underlines reconnection and empowerment
  10. recognises that we are always on a journey towards wholeness 
  11. searches for a new story in which we create an encouraging, harmonious and sustainable environment for all beings
  12. is a dynamic path that changes as you walk it; i.e. it is not a school, a centre, a hub, a temple or an academy (although it can also be all of those things!)
  13. facilitates awakening in the present moment, and learning together to grow stronger as human beings