This Clover has 4 leaves that, like a medicine wheel reflect Sensorial, Affective, Mindful, and Numinous dimensions of our life. We could also call them Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual dimensions, or simply Body, Heart, Mind and Spirit. Together they address our human experience.

The 4 leaves are further divided into 13 Empowering Ingredients or Techniques: body, movement, nature, embodied knowing, sacred art, stories, community, reflection, dreaming, expanded consciousness, ceremony, spirits and healing. Some you will already know, others might be less familiar.

4 leaves with 13 ingredients

Each of these thirteen ingredients on its own offers an incredibly rich experience, a life-time practice and strong medicine. You will note that each leaf has many correspondences within their own ‘territory’ and also in connection with the other leaves.

Clover Trail celebrates the soul at the centre of the map, as the aspect of our being that moves and learns through our entire life. Soul spirals and meanders through our many experiences, and is always in process of ‘becoming’. This is encouraged through words, poetry and pictures, but also through action. How is soul present in your daily awareness of the extraordinary, and how do you make space for this?

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