Heart Hubs

For meaningful conversations that touch your heart!

Would you like to talk about a theme that is important to you? I am delighted to introduce Heart Hubs, for facilitated online conversations about meaningful topics. I always enjoyed ‘sitting in circle’ and sharing life experiences from the heart in a non-hierarchical way. Being together, and being witnessed in what we experience is supportive and often healing, as we recognise we are not alone. We can learn so much from each other’s views, approaches and solutions to life, without needing to ‘fix’ anything.

These Heart Hubs are my contemporary online invitation in the spirit of a fire-side talk that lasts deep into the night, from the comfort of our own home! Heart Hubs stimulate conversations that perhaps don’t often emerge in our normal daily life and social circles. In a small, closed, group of max. 9 participants we discuss experiences, challenges and what we can celebrate.

Structure of the Heart Hubs

A Heart Hub is a facilitated 1-hour meeting where we can talk openly from our heart and explore a specific topic from various angles. There is a variety of one-offs and series of 3 or 4 meetings around the same theme.

Each meeting will open with a moment of guided meditation to connect with our heart and focus on the theme and topic. Then everyone has an equal amount of time to use as you wish, while the others give you their full attention. There is no right or wrong. What you have to say is important. You can also choose to remain silent. Whatever you do, you are received and witnessed as you are. Time-keeping will be punctual, so that everyone has the same opportunity and also so that we don’t go over the allocated one hour. We complete with another guided meditation to integrate what we have learned and make a concrete bridge to return to our other activities refreshed and inspired.

Heart Hubs are English-spoken unless otherwise indicated, with an international audience. They are guided by Eline Kieft, who is an experienced facilitator. Everyone is welcome.

What next?

  • Use the drop down menu to explore the various Heart Hub themes. What would YOU like to talk about?
  • Register for the Heart Hub of your choice via info@clover-trail.com, indicating “Heart Hub” in the subject line.
  • Receive a detailed explanation of the session structure, guidelines, and a payment link.
  • Transfer 7 euros for the conversation.
  • Receive a Zoom link for the scheduled time.
  • Welcome to the Heart Hub!

Heart Hubs will be scheduled from January onward featuring Health and Wellbeing, Ageing, Personal Growth, Spirituality, Sexuality, Womanhood, Loss, Death & Dying, and Relationships.

If you are interested in one of these themes, or would like to suggest another theme, please let me know via eline@clover-trail.com.