Health & Wellbeing

Health is one of our most precious commodities. The World Health Organization defines health as ‘a state of complete physical, social and mental well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity’ (W.H.O. 1998: 1). However, many of us go through experiences in which our health is challenged – temporarily or for longer periods of time. Journeys with injuries, chronic fatigue or pain, stress and anxiety, pregnancy loss or complications, auto-immune disease or cancer affect us on many levels.

I therefore see health not as a state, but as an ability to work with and adapt to health concerns we face. This of course includes learning to take care of our body in a new way, physically, emotionally, mentally, and more or less conscious, spiritually as well. These dimensions will always receive attention and be included in whatever work you will do with me.

Clover’s Health and Wellbeing Trail offers various activities:

  • Heart Hub talking circles, topics to be confirmed soon.
  • Qi Gong classes to support your wellbeing on a regular basis
  • Intensive workshops (consisting of 7×2 hour sessions, either in one weekend or spread out over seven subsequent weeks). Coming soon: The Unbroken Body and The Spirit Child.
  • Personal 1:1 sessions to empower you on your health-related journey. These can be useful at any time, during, or even long after your experience, to help integrate and make sense of it on a deeper level.

Why work with Eline?

My interest in health and wellbeing sprouts from professional as well as personal experience. As a medical anthropologist I worked with people with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn and Colitis), asthma and COPD, and burn-out, to understand more of the social and emotional trajectory of illness or dis-ease. I have always been fascinated by the power of movement to support wellbeing, and my PhD looked at the healing capacities of dance. Furthermore, I have an auto-immune condition on the rheumatoid spectrum, so I also have a patient’s perspective on the medical system and living with chronic pain. As a shamanic practitioner I learned other strategies to cope with dis-ease, and how to work with life force as an essential part of our wellbeing. I am a qualified and insured Movement Medicine teacher and in training to be a Qi-Gong instructor, and have 11 years of experience with change facilitation in various countries. I look forward to working with you towards optimal wellbeing!


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