Dancing through the Tarot


Drop in Movement Class on Wednesday evenings, 19:00-21:00 CET

I’m so excited to return to this series, which I taught before in Exeter (2009) and Glastonbury (2013). Now available ONLINE from the comfort of your own home!

Introduction Video to Dancing through the Tarot via this Vimeo Link

Immerse yourself in ancient symbolism through improvised movement, guided meditation and ritual theatre, using Tarot cards as doorways to your unconscious.

Each session will focus on one of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. Each reflects a specific archetype. This way we will cover themes like Intuition, Hope, Sacrifice, Love, Strength, Choice, Death and Transformation. I don’t approach the Tarot as a way of ‘predicting’ the future, but rather to explore the symbolic wisdom and life stages they reflect, in order to find our own unique way of being, growing and becoming.

The journey will be divided in three cycles, following Hajo Banzhaf’s book Tarot and the Journey of the Hero.

  • First cycle: The first card represents the Traveler who takes the journey. Card 2-8 (Magician-Chariot) represent early childhood and developing consciousness
  • Second cycle: Cards 9-15 (Justice-Temperance) represent maturation and developing and negotiating ego.
  • Third Cycle: Cards 16-22 (Devil-World) represent initiation, and experience of self and self-development.

You can join for just a session, sign up for the first cycle in autumn (bi-weekly on Wednesday evenings until Christmas), or the entire series. Everyone is welcome. No previous dance experience or knowledge of Tarot required. Language: English.

Times and Dates: 

The sessions will always take place on Wednesdays19:00-21:00 CET (which makes it possible for people to join from London, Rio, New York, San Fransisco and Vancouver even if of course it’s earlier in your days!)


  • €15 per session
  • €100 if you pay for the first cycle of 8 sessions (which is €12.50 per session)
  • €220 if you sign up for all 22 (which is €10 per session).

If you invite family or friends to join you in your space, a donation from your guests would be very much appreciated.

Questions and registration details: 

Please email: info@clover-trail.com with Dancing through the Tarot in the subject header. I will then email you further details. After receiving your payment I will send you a Zoom link for the ceremony, and an invitation for the Dancing through the Tarot Facebook Closed Group, to stay tuned and share your experience of the journey with other participants.

Thank you and hope to see you on the journey!

Feedback from previous participants: 

“The course was helpful for me to remember how dance and movement support me, giving me a physical practice that helps me reconnect to my own intuitive wisdom and helps to balance the tendency of an overly busy, anxious mind. The dance, the movement suggestions and guided visualisations were sensitive, supportive and encouraging, and Eline facilitated with great generosity of spirit” (Richard).

“It has been a precious space for my expression and movement (interior and exterior). The Tarot cards were very relevant and synchronistic with what I was living. It has been a journey where growth and movement occurred. It was lovely how Eline would let us come up with what was there for us, let the cards speak to us, and also bring in some more information when necessary or requested”  (Núria Maya).