Did you know that the saying “May you Keep in Clover” refers to wishing someone abundance? As a beginning auto-entrepreneur, it is an interesting journey of developing content, reaching out to people and building a network, and finding the right pricing structures for events, services and products.

I aim to make things affordable for everyone, and you can always contact me to negotiate a bursary place, an exchange, or, in some cases, a free offer.

However, if you would like to make a donation, for example for the Spark Salons or in general to help me bring my work to a larger audience, I would be very grateful. You can do that most easily through PayPal, via this link www.paypal.me/ElineKieft or via the QR code on your right.

You can also use this link for your normal class, sessions and workshop contributions, although I prefer a direct bank transfer where possible. Please email me to request UK, French or Dutch bank account details: eline@clover-trail.com.

Thank you so much, and May You Keep in Clover too!