Body & the Sensorial

Our intelligence develops literally through making “sense” of the world. In the first two years of our lives, our perception is formed through repeated sensory experiences. This physical understanding is then translated to and replaced by cognition. However, we often forget that cognition still derives much of its input from the body. 

The body propels us through life, supports our explorations, and is also the place where we anchor any insights we gain. The body is home to our heart, mind, and consciousness and in that sense the starting point for whatever encounter we have (as well as the foundation on which the other Clover Leaves build). 

The body is such a mystery, a spectrum of intricately balanced and interconnected processes. Our food affects our energy levels. The quality of our sleep affects our mood. Breath, sound or touch can soothe or aggravate us, and so on. How can we best get to know and nurture our bodies so that we are in as optimal understanding, harmony and health as possible?

This first Clover Leaf focuses on all that is tangible and sensorial, that which we can touch and taste and smell and see and hear. It is also the realm of particles and matter, of the gut, and of Earth. Nature is an outer reflection of physical matter, reflecting the exchange between Body as earth, and Earth as body.

Here you will find movement and dance, as well as practices that focus on the whole and holy body, and nature-immersion, to explore and support body both as a gateway to knowing and as a sacred home for our soul.