Hi, my name is Eline Kieft. I am fascinated by other ways of experiencing and knowing that reconnect us with nature and the intangible aspects of reality. I have been dancing since I was seven years old, including many years of professional dance training. Dance is the place where I can express myself, ask questions, heal and celebrate.

My academic background includes cultural and medical anthropology (BA, MA), bridging my a strong interest in dance, healing and spirituality – which in many cultures are closely connected. In my PhD I looked at the influence of dance on empowerment, healing and spirituality. I worked as a Research Fellow at the Centre for Dance Research, Coventry University from 2015-2020, until I took the plunge to start my own enterprise.

Alongside my academic training, I studied in-depth with the Scandinavian Center for Shamanic Studies and the School of Movement Medicine, a contemporary shamanic dance practice. These two strands inform my background as a shamanic practitioner, dance facilitator and also ceremonial leader. I combine this with archetypal stories and dreams as healing modalities, and have been lucky to study with some of the finest schools and teachers in the world. You can read more about them via the dropdown menu.

Co-creating a safe container with participant(s), I facilitate a down-to-earth approach to deep inquiry. The focus is on active experience and immersion within a specific topic, approached through a variety of techniques. There will always be space for the body, nature, and beauty. Other ingredients will vary according to the setting. Most importantly is that YOU choose the depth and speed of engagement that is right for you in any moment.

I am a fully qualified Movement Medicine Teacher, and member of the Movement Medicine Association. I commit to the Movement Medicine Code of Ethics, and I am insured to facilitate individuals and groups through Balens Ltd. I completed Charlie Morley’s Lucid Dream facilitator training, and I certified as Lee Holden Qi Gong instructor.

I look forward to meeting you and taking some steps together on this amazing voyage of being human. See you on the Trail!

Please visit testimonials, where you’ll find feedback from people I worked with in different settings (dance, health, academic, shamanic), as well as some of my teachers.