Clover Trail offers 13 Empowering Ingredients or Techniques that support us towards health and happiness, personal growth and (re)connection. They feature in many different approaches worldwide and do not belong to a specific practice. The 13 Ingredients are: body, movement, nature, embodied knowing, sacred art, stories, community, reflection, dreaming, expanded consciousness, ceremony, spirits and healing.

Some you will already know, others might be less familiar. Some you might have an instant affinity with, others might not be of interest to you at all. That is absolutely fine. You do not need to engage with all of them, although they do weave through all the work I offer. Qi Gong for example is a movement practice that includes body, emotions and the power of the mind, uses nature imagery, and contributes to health and wellbeing. Any of my Story Dancing workshops include movement, archetypal wisdom, community and ceremony. My Embodied Research Coaching draws on the body, movement, embodied knowing, reflection, and in some way a ceremonial recognition and experience of your research. The Heart Hub talking circles place community and reflection at the centre, and are mostly held in a space to facilitate healing.

Each of these thirteen in themselves can provide a rich and life-time practice. You will note that each leaf has correspondences within their own ‘territory’ and also in connection with the other leaves.

I see them as a spiral of which each part contributes towards healing and wholeness.

Brief entries on each of the 13 practice areas will be uploaded soon and accessible via the drop down menu!