Clover Trail offers a safe, authentic and creative place to reconnect with yourself and what is truly meaningful to you, so that you can face life’s challenges in an active, positive and empowered way.

Discover what helps YOU thrive in life! Whether you are an artist, a health care practitioner, an academic, someone searching for meaning, find the trail that lets your soul shine! 

Here you can explore a variety of practices including Qi Gong, dance, art-making, nature immersion, shamanic techniques and lucid dreaming.

You will find things to read, watch, listen to, and explore by yourself, and opportunities to sign up for 1:1 facilitation or group workshops.

I hope to see you on the Trail!

Please note: This Trail is still Very Much Under Construction! A lot is happening behind the scenes, so please check back in soon and drop me a line at info@clover-trail.com if you would like to receive the newsletter. You can also visit www.elinekieft.com to get more of a feel for my work.