The Clearing

Imagine you’ve just stumbled across a clearing in the woods where you may encounter the unexpected… A clearing, where you can meander through droplets and seeds of inspiration and reflection… A clearing where you can take a moment to pause and breathe and come back to your centre…. (yes, right now!).

Forest © Christoph Frei, 2012

In this Clover Trail blog I write about things that help me return and reconnect, so you’ll find a wide variety of tastes and textures, including (of course!) dance and other arts, research, play, nature, silence, spirituality, liminality, stories, symbols and the imagination, dreaming, literature…. Weaving the poetic and the academic with the sensuous multi-layeredness of our embodied nature, entries will search openings towards more intimate participation in the mystery of the (extra)ordinary everyday.

I hope this space contributes to a conscious clearing of the clearing, in which we de-clutter those spaces in our beings that have filled up with things we carry, which affect our presence here and now. And at times it may be a clearing in the sense of lifting the veils, shifting habitual patterns, a clearing of that which seemingly obscures our connection to wholeness, what lies behind, beyond, within.

Please treat this blog like a ‘living thing’ (Ensler, 2010), as ‘partner’ with whom you are exploring a topic in co-creation. Engage with the text and images, not just from your mind, but also from your body, your heart, your intuition, and your soul. What responses do you notice? What fills you with longing? What challenges you? What voices call you? What supports you in times of darkness and despair? What makes your heart sing?

Hopefully, in time, this then will become an interactive clearing for artful, poetic expression of experiences that move the deep currents within us and inform a rich and meaningful ‘interbeing’, so please feel free to share and play, and join me in this experiment of being a human being, rather than a human thinking!

For all our relations,



Ensler, E. (2010). I Am an Emotional Creature: The Secret Life of Girls Around the World. New York, Villard.

Please note: I published earlier versions of this text in older blogs, on 7.2.16 and 16.9.19. These have now merged with Clover Trail.

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