Story-Dance & Ritual

Stories and archetypes have helped me so much with making sense of the world, finding out what really matters, and dealing with (unforeseen) circumstances. My paper heroes act as inspiring examples to make a different choice, or simply help me to ‘hang in there’. They teach me about hopes and fears, faith, courage, failure, betrayal, challenge, the soul, choice, time, friendship, victory, magic, abundance, perseverance, innocence, life and death. 

These archetypal experiences, or ‘great images’ as Martha Graham called them, grow with and through each and every one of us, and we grow with and through them.

Story-Dancing & Ritual is the concept I developed to embody our personal and cultural stories through the medium of movement and ceremony. Wherever I have taught this, people have been surprised by the transformational power of this work. We all love to listen to stories. How about dancing them?

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