Sealskin, Soulskin


Côte d’Azur, 9-11 October 2020

… Seal Woman comes to shore one night. In human form she dances with her sisters. As they prepare to return to the Ocean, their home, she realises that her pelt is missing. It was taken by a lone hunter, who asks Seal Woman to become his wife. She stays with him and bears him a child, while her skin stays hidden. Over the years she starts to dry out, lose her vitality and become ill…

This is an ancient story theme, that appears in many cultures all over the world. Although this specific title is inspired by Clarissa Pinkola Estés, we will be working with the story as told by Sharon Blackie in “If women rose rooted.”

The Sealskin symbolises a state of the soulful, wild and creative feminine, a state many of us have lost touch with.
In this workshop, you will:

  • (re-)awaken the dancer inside you and remember that you too are a shape-shifter
  • dance through the various key elements of the story, to discover what your specific ‘loss’ might be
  • enter into ceremony to retrieve your symbolic pelt
  • make a concrete plan to integrate the insights you will find on your journey, into your daily life.

Supported by Movement Medicine as powerful, contemporary, shamanic dance practice, it will be a safe and sacred space for women only. There is no need to ‘believe’ in anything to participate. Simply let the power of the dance, the story and the community flow through you, to reconnect with 
your instinctual and original nature.

Inquiries & Booking via (this email address displayed the one on the flyer below)

Feedback from previous participants:

“I am quite blown away by the powerful effect this work has had on me. I am so full of questions and curiosity now and I have returned to my work with a renewed sense of myself and what matters to me” (Nicola).

“I so enjoyed the workshop last weekend. I gained a great deal from it. Having done many workshops in my time this one is one of the best” (Eileen).

“Words seem inadequate to express the gift you gave us over the weekend. I need bigger words than thank you to express the true depth of my gratitude. Monday morning I woke truly sensing and feeling my new skin and in deep wonderment at all that had occurred. I am getting a strong feeling this week for what dries out my skin and what nourishes!” (Debbie).