The fourth Clover Leaf is the place of the intangible, of wonder and mystery. Clover Trail subscribes to an animist notion of the world, which acknowledges that everything around us has an essential quality to it that we can connect to. 

For living, animate beings such as plants and animals we might call this ‘life force’. For inanimate objects such as stones or mountains, it is more of an energetic imprint, or essence. In shamanic worldviews, one would speak of the ‘spirit’ of a bird, a river, or a candle flame. 

We could get very technical about how to describe and define this, but what is important for me is that through conscious presence, invitation and paying attention we can build a relationship with other-than-human-beings around us – like we would do with a human friend.

Everyone can engage respectfully yet playfully with these ‘other’ aspects or layers of reality, without the need for spoken words (although they may arise). You don’t have to believe in anything to invite a sense of wonder and a symbolic relationship with everything around you.

This type of interaction can be heightened through ceremony. Although ceremony and ritual are no longer a self-evident part of western contemporary culture at large, entering a time of concrete focus is simple and can be highly beneficial. To create a strong container, we set a clear intention for the work, which can be to re-connect with something in or outside of ourselves, visit our ancestors, ask for healing, transformation or ‘simply’ to give thanks.

In this fourth Clover Leaf you’ll find these aspects of Ceremony, Spirits and the Ancestors, and Healing, with the acknowledgement that everything in life can be treated like a ceremony; life consists of so much more than the physical eye can see; and as always we are on a path of integration, healing (making whole, holy) and transformation. This is the place of Fire.

FAQ: Is this a spiritual practice, and do I need to believe in anything to participate?

You are not required to believe in anything other than your own experience. I share from what I have learned and experienced over the years, and you are free to try it out and see what works for you. All our paths are unique. 

For me life force and soul are at the centre of life, and I guess that makes all parts of life, including cooking, cleaning, making love, or gardening, expressions of spirituality for me. 

All manifestations of authentic spirituality have much in common, whatever their region or history. They address existential questions, like where did we came from; why are we here; and where are we going? They suggest approaches to be in good relationship with our loved ones, and to honour this magnificent home on earth. 

Clover Trail is open to everyone regardless of faith or life philosophy. It is a place where we can explore what it means to be human together.