Heart & the Affective

The second Clover Leaf is the domain of the heart and art. The heart is often seen as seat of our emotions and even of our soul. However, the heart is also an organ of great intelligence, empathy and connection. Even though ‘emotions’ still often have a negative connotation, they are essential for our survival.

Our heart communicates its intelligence in different ways: through nerve impulse transmission; through hormones and also through physical pressure waves and electromagnetic waves. This communication is transmitted into our whole body and beyond our body (since electromagnetic waves are not limited by our skin). 

Emotions affect our physicality. When we are angry or frustrated, our heart rate variability pattern is chaotic. While we experience positive emotions our heart pattern becomes ordered and coherent. This helps the cardiac system and is therefore immediately relevant for our individual health

Negative thought and talk, as well as isolation can literally make us ill. Meaningful and kind human contact is essential for survival and health. Being on the same wavelength with someone, or with a group of people, can influence us positively

Therefore, expressing our emotional experience through visual art and also through stories helps us digest and integrate them for ourselves, and also strengthens our community. The second Clover Leaf offers a space for Sacred Art, Stories and Community. With its wave-like resonance, vibration and communication this Leaf corresponds to Water which transmits and connects.

Further Reading, with a great list of further references

Renee A. Levi’s paper The Sentient Heart: Messages for Life (2001).