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The Trail To Thrive in Life!

Clover Trail offers a safe, authentic and creative place to reconnect with yourself and what is truly meaningful to you, so that you can face life’s challenges in an active, positive and empowered way.

Explore a variety of practices including Qi Gong, dance, nature immersion, shamanic techniques and lucid dreaming to help you find and strengthen your embodied path through life.

On this website you will find things to read, watch, listen to, and explore by yourself, and opportunities to sign up for 1:1 sessions or group workshops.

Please make yourself at home, and see you somewhere on the Trail!

Body & the Sensorial

Our intelligence develops literally through making “sense” of the world. In the first two years of our lives, our perception is formed through repeated sensory experiences. This physical understanding is then translated to and replaced by cognition. However, we often forget that cognition still derives much of its input from the body. 

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Heart & the Affective

The second Clover Leaf is the domain of the heart and art. The heart is often seen as seat of our emotions and even of our soul. However, the heart is also an organ of great intelligence, empathy and connection. Even though ‘emotions’ still often have a negative connotation, they are essential for our survival.

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Mind & Mindful

The Mind – like body and heart – is a vast territory, much of which remains unexplored. Most of us associate mind with our cognitive functions and intelligence. This is indeed a wonderful part of it. We can make connections, we can compare and analyse, we can mentally file things for future reference.

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Spirit & the Numinous

The fourth Clover Leaf is the place of the intangible, of wonder and mystery. Clover Trail subscribes to an animist notion of the world, which acknowledges that everything around us has an essential quality to it that we can connect to. 

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