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Your Trail To Thrive in Life!

It isn’t always easy to be alive on the planet in these challenging and fast-paced times. Generally, we are not really taught how to navigate the realities of being in a body, the territory of our hearts as well as explore the untapped potential of our mind and soul in nourishing connection with the world around us.

Clover Trail is an inclusive and welcoming place where we can bring our authentic selves exactly as we are, radiant or vulnerable, confident or battered, or any possible mix of experience. Specifically, Clover Trail proposes different skills to manage the complexity of our lives in a more empowered way and learning to connect with others from our authentic being.

Do you feel as if ‘something’ is missing, but you don’t quite know what? Are you drowning in the demands, speed and noise of what mainstream seems to expect of you? Are you curious to learn other ways of knowing and being that support you to express more of who you truly are? Do you long for a deeper connection with your own precious body? Are you interested in a meaningful, authentic and embodied spirituality in vibrant connection with the animate nature all around? Would you like to take a more active approach in your own health and wellbeing but don’t know where to start? Are you living with a chronic condition and struggling how to integrate this challenge in your life in an empowered way?

Clover Trail offers an applied philosophy that embraces body, heart, mind, spirit and soul, encouraging you to explore your own existential questions. With your own experience as starting point, the Trail crosses different landscapes, proposing unusual and creative ways to work with all these layers of being human. Your exploration might be fuelled by a thirst for creative expression, personal growth, alternative spirituality, holistic health, or curiosity for movement and dance as a way of learning and knowing.

Eline’s personal and professional experience and facilitation skills make Clover Trail a safe and original place to reconnect with yourself and what is truly meaningful to you, so that you can thrive and live your life in an active, positive and empowered way. She knows dance and movement from inside out, having trained from age 7 to become a professional dancer, later adding Movement Medicine and Qi Gong qualifications. As medical anthropologist, she interviewed hundreds of patients about their chronic health journey from a social and cultural perspective. As shamanic practitioner, she deeply lives alternative, substance-free ways of working with health and wellbeing through nature immersion, ceremony, journeys and lucid dream techniques. And finally, living with an auto-immune condition adds a personal understanding of a challenged health.

For now, please make yourself at home here to strengthen your embodied path through life. Please feel free to be in touch with any questions, and I hope see you on the Trail sometime!

Qi Gong

Moving your life force is a wonderful way to reduce stress, get more energy and be in touch with inspiration and meaning!

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Online Encounters

Much of our meeting and learning spaces happen online these days. It is surprising how deep and meaningful those ‘virtual’ connections can be.

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