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Your Trail To Thrive in Life!

It isn’t always easy to be alive on the planet in these challenging and fast-paced times. Generally, we are not really taught how to navigate the realities of being in a body, and negotiate the territory of our hearts as well as explore the untapped potential of our mind and soul.

Clover Trail is a place of exploration what it means to be human, to show up as we are. It is a welcoming place of inclusivity where we can bring what is true in this moment, as well as learn new skills to negotiate the complexity of our lives in a more empowered way. In the Clover Trail community we can connect from our authentic being with others on a similar path.

Are you on a journey to express more of who you truly are?

Do you sometimes feel lost, overwhelmed, frustrated, lonely, or disempowered?

Do you question why you are here, what your purpose is, or how to integrate the challenges that you face in life?

Do you feel sometimes as if ‘something’ is missing, but you might not quite know what?

Eline’s deep personal experience and facilitation skills make Clover Trail a safe, original and creative place to reconnect with yourself and what is truly meaningful to you, so that you can thrive and live your life in an active, positive and empowered way.

For now, please make yourself at home here, strengthen your embodied path through life, and I hope see you somewhere on the Trail!

Qi Gong

Moving your life force is a wonderful way to reduce stress, get more energy and be in touch with inspiration and meaning!

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Online Encounters

Much of our meeting and learning spaces happen online these days. It is surprising how deep and meaningful those ‘virtual’ connections can be.

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